Company History

We founded Dating Central Europe Zrt. in 2014 with the intention of growing an innovative business dedicated to online dating in Hungary and Central Eastern Europe. We operate the market leader Hungarian dating site (Dating Line), in addition to several smaller niche sites tailored to various target groups. Our founder, Péter Weiler, has 20 years of online expertise and is an iconic figure in the world of Hungarian digital media.

Our flagship product, Randivonal, defines its mission as helping people find meaningful relationships and a partner for life quickly and efficiently over the Internet. We assist our busy working clients in the 30+ age group to do this by applying strict moderating principles and providing innovative technical solutions. Several hundred thousand long-term relationships and tens of thousands of marriages were formed through Randivonal since its launch in 1999. It is our ambition to ensure that Randivonal remains the most popular quality dating service provider in Hungary. We do our utmost to deliver this by continuously implementing new mobile first philosophy developments based on the latest international trends to help our users find partners.

The technical and intellectual expertise behind Randivonal is the backbone of Dating Central Europe Zrt.’s portfolio of niche services ranging from casual dating to match-making. As the user expectations and dating habits changed over the two decades, we introduced new services to accommodate the latest trends.

The niche services also serve as a filter for Randivonal, through our human-powered complex customer service we can make sure only those users get accepted to Randivonal who are truly looking for long-term and meaningful relationships.

Dating Central Europe is among Hungary’s leading subscription business companies with over a decade of experience working with payment channels ranging from mobile payments to credit card.

Dating Central Europe has acquired two competing dating sites in 2020: Csajok és Pasik is targeting a younger audience since 2009 with a strong mobile-first flirting experience, and is a relatively new dating service for single parents.