Why internet dating?

Finding a loving partner is the most important thing in life. It is the cornerstone of our existence, because having a family and children makes our lives complete, which is everyone’s dream.
Technology has automated, made more efficient and improved most things in life. Now with the advance of internet dating we are witnessing a similar evolution in loving relationships.
Whereas for our parents’ generation finding a partner was still a matter of luck and geographical proximity, this has now completely changed thanks to the Internet. We have a much better chance of finding the ideal partner if we can extend the physical scope of our search to include places which we may never have visited, narrow our search by so many personal preferences and parameters and even then we are left with a selection of several thousand potential candidates to choose from based on photos and personal profiles. It is actually not their differences that attract us to other people since it is much rather similarities that we look for in a future partner. And it is much easier to find a soul mate from a continuously growing and changing membership base by using smart search functions.
Online dating is a very simple way of finding probably the single most important thing in life, something that allows people to start directing their efforts towards planning and building a future with someone as soon as possible.
Dating Central Europe Zrt. is a company that was established specifically for developing and promoting online dating. We work with highly skilled professionals for whom dating is a vocation, and whose every idea, and creative spark is directed towards one goal: ensuring that our users find love as soon as possible.
Our mission is to help those who have placed their trust in us to find a partner through the most innovative methods that exist today.
We believe in love, in the power of coincidence, in spontaneous moments and that by consciously searching we can more easily achieve all these things.
The road to love is paved with awareness of inner needs, persistent searching, openness and pro-active communication, and the ability to reflect and learn from past experience. Our dating sites provide the platform for this, while every member of our customer services team and all the other staff members are doing everything they can to ensure that this search is useful and that it is the full package.
Wishing you successful dating and a happy, fulfilling life!

Kind regards,
Péter Weiler
Dating Central Europe Zrt.

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