Randivonal (Dating Line)

Randivonal was established in 1999, and over the 20 years of its existence we have dedicated all our efforts to ensuring that all the single people living in Hungary have the best chance of finding a partner in the simplest possible way. This makes us the longest standing online dating website in Hungary. Randivonal is accessible both via smartphones and desktop PCs. With our mobile applications it is even easier to find a partner, and even GPS location can be defined to narrow the scope of the search. A unique self-instructing mathematical-statistical system is used to pick out potential dates who are the closest match to your preferences, and with whom you have the best chance of liking each other. Extensive research findings support the positive effect of romantic relationships, e.g. a stronger immune system, living longer, longer healthier life and fewer accidents, better social connectedness, optimism, motivation.


Szépvagy.hu has started in 2019 summer and it has brought a sympathy based voting system to the hungarian online dating platform. The idea comes from the playful world of reality shows and the members of the site can decide who can get in and they may consider who is beautiful enough to make acquaintance with. The voting is based on the uploaded photo. We know that the appearance is for sure enough to get to the next level of dating but beside the importance of the outer feature it is also neccesary for a happy romantic relationship to have inside values. Nevertheless if the single people have the opportunity then why wouldn’t they take it to meet someones whose appearance hit a standard beauty?

Our Partners

Benefits offered by Randivonal’s business model are currently shared via several partner sites both in Hungary and internationally. Our partners include [origo], Nol.hu and RTL Klub in Hungary, and the media venture dvaja.sme abroad. Users of partner dating sites enjoy the same bespoke services as Randivonal. These include a personalised recommendation system and the option of searching based on geographical distance. Through the 15-year history of Randivonal we have worked together with virtually every major online media group in Hungary, and with most of them our partnership dates back several years and is based on a mutually beneficial partnership agreement.


Viszony.hu is the first casual dating site in Hungary, designed for people living in a relationship. In other countries dating sites dedicated specifically to people looking for a love affair have been in existence for several years, but in Hungary this is the first service of its kind. According to website founder András Györfi there is no intention of breaking up marriages, but it is simply a fact that an affair is always very exciting and can sometimes bring clear benefits to a stable relationship. An affair adds a fresh tone of colour, it invigorates a relationship. Responding to criticism, the site’s founder stresses that regardless of the website’s existence there is a real need for affairs outside of existing relationships. Viszony.hu was acquired in 2013 and has been an important pillar of the dating portfolio ever since.

Erotikus társkereső

Erotic dating site

The partner finding service Szexrandi.hu was launched at the end of 2001, and has been the market leader among erotic dating sites. 60,000 registered users are looking for discrete, appropriately moderated adventure. Szexrandi.hu allows users of the same orientation to start a relationship. Users of this no-taboo partner finding service may discover some erotic content, and so registration is permitted strictly to adult internet users.

nemzetközi testvéroldalaink

International dating sites

The technical and intellectual expertise of Randivonal is the principle of our international dating network. Dvaja.SME.sk dating website in Slovakia is the first successful international project of Dating Central Europe Plc. Randivonal and Petit Press (the publisher of Slovakia’s number one daily newspaper: SME) entered into strategic alliance in 2013.

The Dating Central Europe Plc. is planning to launch more online dating sites in the region.